When you leave any personal information on our website, either by visiting the “Registration” page or by placing an order, you can be assured that our company is the only one who will use it. We do not rent, sell, or otherwise distribute any information from our customer database, including email addresses.

E-mail Address Usage:

​Your e-mail address, if you provide one, is stored in your customer record in our database. You can enter more than one e-mail address by separating them with a “;” character. If you leave the e-mail address blank, or erase it later (from the Registration page), you can be assured that you will not receive any more e-mail from us. If you provide a valid e-mail address, it will always be used to confirm any order you place and to communicate with you, if necessary, about your order.

When you place an order with ETEK Cables, we’ll set you up to receive our newsletter. It is our way of keeping you in the loop on news about ETEK Cables, special deals, new products, and insider looks at our product development projects.



We will not rent, sell, or otherwise distribute your physical or billing address to anyone.


All personal information necessary to complete your order is stored in our system is kept on servers that are locked in our secure data center. All information transmitted to our servers via the website is encrypted using state of the art encryption technology, facilitated by our Extended Validation SSL certificate, issued to us by SSL.

Credit Card Information:

To ensure your safety online, we maintain strict PCI compliance and do not store credit card numbers on our servers. We offer our customers the option of “storing” their cards with us for future use. However, the only two pieces of information we store are 1) the last 4 digits of your card and 2) a special token that allows us to reference your card for future transactions with the issuing bank. This allows you to avoid the hassle of repeatedly typing in credit card information while eliminating the risk of identity theft.

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